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Best Massage Chairs For Home In India: 2024 Reviews

Best Massage Chairs for Home in India: 2024 Reviews

Best Massage Chairs For Home In India: 2024 Reviews

Best Massage Chairs for Home in India: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Rejuvenate your tired body effectively with the Best Massage Chairs for Home in India

Today with the fast moving lifestyle it is almost everyone’s desire to just lie on the chair, while leaving the body free and relaxed after a hectic or an exhausting day. Well by visiting a massage spa daily or every time you feel exhausted can be very expensive and time consuming as well right? So, that’s why having your own massage chair at home can be a wise decision.


Although, one might think that a full body massage chairs are considered as a Luxury and can be expensive. But there is no need to worry as in this article you will see the massaging chair that are ranging from price as low as just Rs. 30,000 and as high as Rs. 1,50,000+ which are the premium ones. But considering the health benefits and the massage chair that lowers your stress levels after a frustrating day can be more than worth it.

A Massage Chair can help you in improving your blood circulation and relaxing your muscles by massaging through the airbags it contains in it, which compresses and decompresses that means they move left & right, up & down to massage. This is engineered with technologies like kneading, shiatsu, tapping, vibrations, etc.

Here further you will see the types of massage chair, how does they work, the benefits of a massage chair, the things to consider before buying one and the best massage chairs available in India. So, let’s start with the types:

Types of Massage Chairs:

Mainly there are 4 major types of massage chairs for home available in the market having their own features and advantages which includes the following:

1. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The Zero gravity massage chair is on the top of the list which shows it importance. Even nowadays almost all the Massage Chairs that are made are a Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

The reason for this is that, while a person uses the Zero gravity massage chair their body is reclined gently to a given fixed (Zero gravity) position where the legs and heart are aligned at the same height, which means that against the chair the body becomes parallel to the ground that lets the body floats in the air weightlessly due to which the heart doesn’t need to push much to provide blood circulation to your legs.

Simultaneously the rollers and airbags work to give an ultimate relaxing and luxury massage chair experience. This feeling is similar to what astronauts’ feels who leave their body freely in space and releasing all the pressure and tension.

2. Recliner Massage Chairs

The recliner chair also helps in relaxing and massaging the body but major difference between a Zero Gravity Massage Chair and a recliner Massage chair is that, unlike the zero gravity massage chairs the legs and chest are not at the same height in recliner massage chair therefore you won’t feel a free-floating feeling during the massage. But it is even better for the people who like to relax while watching TV or reading books.

3. Full Body Massage Chairs

Well everyone knows the concept of full body massage chairs. But only few might know the main difference between Full Body Massage chair and a Recliner massage chair. So, a full body massage chair is the one that helps to relaxing your entire body starting from neck and to the legs because of which Full Body massage chair are more expensive as compared to other types. It’s mainly because of lot of features are programmed in them.

4. Ottoman Massage Chair

Ottoman massage chair is really a massage chair, although very might have heard of it. These Ottoman massage chairs don’t have any special or additional features like that are there in the Full Body massage chair but they do have all the required features that a massage chairs must need to have.

Working of Massage Chairs

The working of a massage chair is different according to the chair type as it can be a Vibrating chair, Roller massage chair or an airbag massage chair. Let’s see how they work individually;

1. Vibrating Massage Chairs

The Vibrating Massage Chairs has motors in it that create vibrations, which are then transferred to the different parts of our body while we sit on the chair. These vibrations basically help us to get relief from stress and muscle tension by massaging the body. The Vibrating Massage Chairs are usually the most affordable massaging chairs among all types.

2. Roller Massage Chairs

In the Roller Massage Chairs there are rollers inside the chair or to be précised they are behind the lining of the chair. Basically what these rollers do is they roll over on our entire body from top to bottom while exerting a gentle pressure to help us get relief from the tension and stress built up in your muscles and making us relaxed.

This is almost inspired from what masseuse do while massaging. Even some of the latest models have heated rollers to give you advanced massage but are bit expensive.

3. Airbag Massage Chairs

The Airbag Massage Chairs are the most advanced massage chairs, almost every branded body massager works on this feature in their chair. In this type of massage chair there are expandable airbags fitted inside the cushion which compresses and decompresses continuously to push the muscles against them providing an effective massage experience to the whole body.

So, more the number of Airbags present in a chair the more comfort it will be. This Airbag Massage Chair work continuously to provide you relaxation to your strained muscle and simultaneously helps in improve your blood circulation.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chairs

Using a massage chair is the new way to get full body massage at home. Though there are many advantages of Massaging chair but the few main benefits are discussed below:

1. Relief from the Stress

As we know from earlier discussion that with fast moving life and even our sedentary jobs makes us stressed up mentally as well as physically. This stress sometimes makes even bigger mess at our workplace, in relationships, or commitments because of anger or bad mood all the time.

So, to deal with this stress it’s not even possible to go for massage daily to the spa. Thus, having a massage chair can help you to get relief from stress both physically and mentally making your daily life better and happier, even at the comfort of home.

Best Massage Chairs For Home In India: 2024 Reviews

2. Better posture

As said above due to sedentary lifestyle most of the time people are seen to be sitting on a chair whole day and working, which is leading to a big bad posture issue. This is certainly not good as it can lead to back and spine problems.

So, a massage chair will help you to maintain a correct posture with a daily massage that will also make you feel more relaxed and flexible.

3. Instant Pain Relief

Pain can be chronic or a temporary light pain and almost everyone suffers from either of them or even both, which is because of unhealthy lifestyle or due to more stress on a particular area such as joints, back, neck, thighs, shoulder, tail bone etc. If you have the same issue or know someone with this issue, a massage chair can fix this issue.

As it give relief form stiff or tensed tissues and muscles from the inside by working on pressure points. Even many studies have proved that a regular massage chair can effectively alleviate pain, aches, and body soreness.

4. Improved Blood Circulation

Having a good blood circulation is very significant for a good healthy body as it makes you more active and alert. A massage chair also helps in enhancing the blood circulation. Thus, keep you active and fit every time. Further, it is really good for those who are not very active throughout the day.

Things to Consider before Buying a Massage Chair for Home in India

A Massage Chair can be a best remedy for today’s hectic life. It can be quite expensive, that’s why you should consider few things before buying one to get the best for your money. These things will tell you about the major factors a massage chair must have and the one that’s fit as per your need and requirements. So, let’s see these factors:

1. Budget of the Massage Chairs

The first and most important one is the budget, as you are about to look for massage chair and will invest a good some in it for your health and well-being, which makes it more important. A massage can start from Rs. 30,000 approx. and can go to Rs.5 to 6 lacs.

So, we suggest you to fix your budget before selecting one. Although after that if you choose one as per your need and it gets a bit over the budget than try to increase a bit as it’s for your own health and well being whereas if the difference is too much between the selected one and your budget then select another one of course.

In case if you’re really tight on budget, then you can go with the vibration chairs with basic options. If you can spend bit more for getting an experience of the feeling of a hand massage, then go for roller massage chairs that has heated roller option.

And, if you are having any existing health problem or an injured person, then you should go with the airbag massage chairs that are known to improve blood circulation.

2. Massage Chair Size

Today most of the massage chairs are bulkier in sizes taking up a lot of space. So, buy the one according to the space you can allocate at your home. Generally, a massage chair will take 18 to 35 inches of space while keeping in mind its clearance from the back as for the recliner to expand completely.

Since massage chair takes lot of space and it is also heavy in weight, so you must keep in mind that a massage chair is not as much portable as other chair that you can move easily. Normally, the massager chairs are heavy in weight as they usually weigh around 20 kgs. to 50 kgs. approx. or even more.

It’s also suggested to check the height and weight limitations of the massage chair before buying as some massage chairs are only suitable for tall people or vice versa.

3. Type of Massage Chair that Suits you

You can choose from mainly 4 different types of massage chairs as discussed above in types of Massage Chairs, which can be from the following:

3.1. Zero Gravity Massager Chairs

You have probably gone through this type above, as this position is the most recommended position by doctors for body pain, soreness, and blood circulation. These massage chairs are high-end massage chair models which are usually most expensive of all types. Your body will be reclined in fixed position without putting any weight to your body. In this position your legs and heart are aligned at the same height, so your heart won’t have push hard to provide blood circulation to your legs.

3.2. Recliner Massage Chairs

These massage chairs are the lower-end version of the Zero-gravity massagers with mainly one difference that unlike zero gravity chair your body weight is not completely supported by the chair because the legs and heart will not be at similar height. But these recliner are helps you to be at more comfortable state for relaxing and for watching TV or reading books.

3.3. Full Body Massage Chairs

As its name suggests the Full body massage chairs lets you relax your whole body starting from neck to the legs. Although they are usually bit expensive as they have programmed style settings that imitates a professional masseur hands.

3.4. Ottoman Massage Chairs

This massage chair is almost similar to other massage chairs but the difference is that it has footstool and delivers amazing stress relief. Also, it doesn’t have additional programmed features like full body massage chairs.

4. Massaging styles of the Massage Chairs

There are various massage styles that are inspired from professional massage therapists and each style focus on various parts of the body or offer different intensity level for deep tissue massage to provide relief. So, you make sure you choose the one that caters your required massage styles. Here are these common massaging styles that are there in a massage chair:

4.1. Tapping

This type of massage style is most traditional one in this massage style muscles are stimulated like that the professionals do but with rollers that moves around your back and imitate striking and pounding movement of the fist.

4.2. Kneading

In this type of massage the airbags does the work by inflating and deflating to apply pressure in a circular motion. With this it compresses the soft tissues and help in increasing the flexibility, cure tight muscles and pain relief.

4.3. Shiatsu

This massage style is traditionally known for restoring the energy flow in the body by lowering stress, tension and pain. Here in this technique the pressure is applied to particular parts or stress points on your back slowly and steadily.

4.4. Rolling

This is a massaging technique used for treating the loose skin and relieving muscular tension in the body. As the rollers and air bags both imitates the traditional rolling massage where airbags lifts the skin and roller rolls it between like the thumb and other fingers do in actual massage.

4.5. Advanced Styles

These are the zero gravity massage chairs that fall in high end massage chairs category because they come with advanced massage styles such as spinal relief, muscle stretch, heated massage, yoga reflexology, acupressure points and etc. So, if you want to spend more with no budget restrictions, we suggest this will be ideal for you having maximum number of massage styles in it.

5. Heating Feature in Massage Chairs

One of the important features of a massage chair that it must have is Proper Heating system. Although very few chairs or the high end massage chairs have this option. The heating pads are placed generally in the back of the chair to provide heat to the back area.

The lumber heating mechanism helps in warming shoulder, back, neck, and buttock areas to relieve back pain and it also improves blood circulation. So, if you suffer from regular back pain than prefer going for a lumber heating massage chair.

6. Parts of the body covered by Massage Chairs

The buyer must see according to their medical issues need which massage chair they prefer to massage that part of the body. As the Full body massager is made keeping these significant parts in mind which you should also consider:

  • The Head Massager which is for the people who suffers often from migraines or headaches.

  • The Neck Massager which massage the neck area to reduce stress and neck pain.

  • The next is Arm Massager which is for relaxing the arms of the individuals, if you have had a heavy workout session or a computer work.

  • The Hip and Thigh Massager provides the relief from pain in the spine region and it is also the most comfortable part of a Massage Chairs.

  • Finally the Foot, Leg and Calf Massager which is very relaxing for many people usually because we all get Pain in legs due to daily activity or for some people who stand more or travel frequently.

7. Safety Features in Massage Chairs

Just let us clear you that electric Massage Chairs are absolutely safe. Using it for shorter duration like less than 15 to 30 minutes at a stretch or maximum 2 times per day is totally safe. However more than that might make your muscles get overworked or bruised.

Just make sure few things and you are good to go such as not to place the power cords underneath the massage chair which can cause damage to the product or to you, just go through the manual carefully before using it and its highly advised to have someone supervising while children or some elderly person are getting massage.

8. Common Factors to Consider in Massage Chairs

There are some common factors to keep in mind while buying a massage chair such as the Build Material as for massage chairs the faux leather material is better as it lasts longer than real leather, Massage Chairs must make less noise that is they should have Silent Operations to give user and other people around a calm and comfortable environment.

So if you can buy it from a renowned Brand Name such as for India JSB, Robotouch and LifeLong which are few popular brands as the product of a reputed brand might have high quality and lower chances of having technical issues and also provide good after sales support and final factor is the Warranty that a Massage Chair has, in India its generally a minimum of 1 year to 5 years.

Even there is a policy of 30 day return that some brands offers, in case you don’t like the product. This encourages people to buy and try one out with calm and comfort mind.

9. Additional Features in Massage Chairs

There are also some additional features that comes with a Massage Chair which is as not as important as the other main features discussed above which should be considered before buying, but if you can get some additional features in the same price then why shouldn’t we consider the those options as well.

As everyone wants something more if they can get for their purchase. So, below are some of these features that are not absolutely necessary but its better if you can consider it:

  • Look if it has Automatic in-Built Program Settings - These programs can help you to have a lot better Massaging Experience as they would do the manual setting up work for you before starting a massage such as the inbuilt programs or modes designed to immediately start the massage just by selecting one the option (however manual settings can be easily adjusted too like speed or intensity of the massage), Auto shutdown option to cut off the operation after certain period of time to prevent excess use and the next is Memory Function which can be important as you don’t have to choose the speed and intensity of the massage every time you like to have a massage as you get massage in your own preferred style.

  • Entertainment and Connectivity Feature - Apart from user preferences and massaging feature there are some different entertainment and connectivity features that some models offer such as: a Remote control to give you eases in adjusting setting like the intensity, speed or turning the machine on/off, USB port to connect and charge your mobile or devices, Bluetooth connectivity for syncing your smartphone or Music system with the massage chair without using a cable and Mp3 or music option for listening music while having a massage which even compliments your massaging experience.

  • Cup Holder - Having cup holder in as massage chair is very useful ad many people like sipping some drinks while getting massage and its usefulness is only realized when you spill a drink on the chair because you don’t have a cup holder.

10. Reliability and Customer Reviews of Massage Chairs

Final and the major factor you should look for is the customer reviews of the Massage chair of those who had really used that model and are sharing their experience. Even look for the price or the deal they have got while buying.

Although, it is known that there are many variants of best massaging chairs are available in the market in India. So, it can be tricky to buy the best one but after considering these factors and features you can choose the best one for yourself.

Overall, having a Massaging Chair is a very beneficial investment as it not only keeps you healthy by improving blood circulation but it also helps in alleviating your daily or chronic stress, pain & anxiety and making you relaxed and active after tiring day. It’s more of a onetime investment for healthy life than a luxury device.

Best Massage Chairs for Home in India Reviews and Buying Guide

Here is a list of all time best selling Massage Chairs for Home Use in India and especially from the Best Massage Chair Brands in India which you can definitely have a look before buying an Electric Massage Chair in India for your Home.

Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner | Best Massage Chairs for Home in India
  • This full body massage chair has a recliner designed from the best quality leather that gives it an elegant look. It is equipped with powerful back, head, buttock, and leg massage feature that’s designed to cater everyone irrespective of their body types.

  • This Massage Chair delivers massage which is very effective in minimizing stress, remove stiffness & tension, improves blood circulation, providing full relaxation by stretching your body and making it flexible.

  • This massaging chair use a combination of massage styles or techniques as it offers wide roller coverage to provide massage styles such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock and air squeeze.

  • Even one set of roller is specially designed to treat the neck, which can be adjusted up and down on your back.

  • There is a Digital Panel attached to the seat which helps in controlling all the settings and customization you need as per your choice such as the intensity of the massage rollers also the position of these rollers with just a simple push of a button.

  • Even the intensity of air pressure can also be adjusted for pressure massage of hands, legs and calf in this Massage chair.

  • This Massage Chair has some additional features as well like the mobile USB charger that is designed on the front panel and there is also an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that is installed to enhance your massage experience, so you can listen to music while getting massage.

  • Apart from this it comes with 1 year of manufacturer's warranty which cover it against all the manufacturing defects, you can even get an extended warranty of 6 months when you register the product on manufacturer’s website within 15 days of buying.

JSB MZ30 Leather Massage Chair for Home Full Body Pain & Stress Relief | Best Massage Chairs for Home in India
  • This Massage Chair helps to alleviate Body Pain & Stress Relief at home with massage styles such as Kneading Rollers and Airbags. It also offers you rejuvenation experience as when you come back home tired you need a perfectly relaxing experience to regain energy, with this massage chair you can make your mind feel relaxed and calm.

  • It comes with 14 massage rollers with auto programs and 8 are dedicated only for the back and neck Massage. These dedicated rollers as well as airbags in the massage chair gives relaxation from stiffness in areas like neck, shoulder, arms, and feet.

  • The foot and ankle massage is done by roller and airbags both that are below the sole, which is very calming, relaxing and unwinding. So, you basically get full foot care including calf and Thigh air squeeze massage. Additionally the extendable footrest can be adjusted according to user height.

  • This Massage Chair is easy to control as it has 3 auto modes that let you choose a specific area of the body for massaging. You can even recline the chair to turn it into a Bed to sleep. Also the body sensors and space saving technology helps to make your massaging experience more effective by detecting your body shape to deliver the right amount of pressure on precise points

  • The zero gravity feature of the massage chair can help to facilitate smooth blood flow throughout the body with soft rollers working simultaneously. Even the Airbag Massage and Roller Massage also helps in circulating good blood circulation throughout the body, irrespective of your age group.

  • With this Massage Chair you can even adjust the suitable temperature for heat relief and pain to enjoy the spa experience at the comfort of your home. This soothing heat setting and stretch massage will help the lower back to relieve muscle stiffness and feel relaxed.

  • Additionally it comes with 1 year of manufacturer's warranty which cover it against all the manufacturing defects.

RoboTouch Urban Aluminium Full Body Massage Chair | Best Massage Chairs for Home in India
  • This Full body Massage Chair is powered by a set of 4 vertically movable roller driven silent intelligent massage hands with total of 20 airbags and a pump to give you a premium massage experience at the comfort of your home to keep you healthy and active everyday.

  • This massage chair also has multiple position massage to target accurately different points of the body by measuring shoulder height and back width, so you can enjoy the massage that’s best for your body. It even has various massage styles or modes that includes kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, knocking and more.

  • It has some additional features like Assists time setting for massaging starting automatically with a timer programming of 15 min by default the Pre programmable time setting is of 5-30 minutes in multiples of 5 minutes. This massage chair has also one button recline feature which is designed for space-saving structure to save 60cm - 80cm space in back.

  • This massage chair comes with 3 adjustable levels of speed and air pressure intensity. Where the three levels of speed are slow, middle, strong for variety of massage feeling and the air intensity pressure levels are for getting full relaxation feeling from your shoulders to the feet.

  • The feature of Zero gravity massage is also there to make you feel like floating by releasing full body pressure release. The massage chair also comes with a convenient storage space which is equipped in the hand rail which can be used to either place the manual controller in it or your mobile device.

  • Additionally it comes with 1 year of manufacturer's warranty which cover it against all the manufacturing defects.

KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief Recliner Chair with Built-in Heat Therapy | Best Massage Chairs for Home in India
  • This Massage Chair helps you in alleviating your whole body's fatigue, improves flexibility and provides you blissful relaxation. It also helps you in relieving your muscle tension and improving blood circulation. This is made possible as this massage chair uses various massage techniques such as Rolling, Knocking, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Air Pressure and Heating & massaging on neck, back, waist and hips while the Pressure points detection scans your shoulders, locates strategic points accurately and also adjusts the shoulder airbags manually as your shoulder’s width. It also has manual massage functions and pre-set auto modes to choose from for own massage experience.

  • This Massager chair has also got the 35 Air Bag with Heat therapy, the air bags are strategically positioned in the massage chair. Where 6 are seat airbags, 24 leg rest airbags, 6 airbags on both sides of the seat it targets body parts like in the arms, thighs, calves and feet. . You can select different modes just by pressing a button and the air bags in leg rest and footrest give your shanks and feet pulse compression massage to relax you. The Gentle heating function which is in the waist and foot help in soothing aches and improving blood circulation, eliminating fatigue and making you feel warm and comfortable.

  • The Control Panel of this massage chair has wide angle VFD display, active flip cover and an intelligent sound & light navigation system. It is user friendly as the button’s function and features can be differentiated by the perfect use of colors and graphics on them. There are 5 massage techniques to enhance flexibility and the massage experience by giving you a blissful relaxation.

  • This Massage Chair has Recliner & Extendable footrest which can be stretched out or drawn back within 13.5 cm, perfect for various body heights. It also has an adjustable backrest & the leg rest with electric actuator to adjust the angle of backrest and leg rest. So, you can get a perfect massage to get recover from fatigue or if you want to get relieved from pain or just soothe yourself.

  • The advantage of this Massage Chair is that it has very humanization design that’s why the rollers move very smoothly from the upper back to all the way down to the tail bone. This latest four roller massage gives full body massage with S-shaped back rail to meet human body's curve. So, with this massage chair you get a comfortable feeling as your muscles get relaxed by alleviated muscular tension and stress.

  • Although it comes with 1 year of manufacturer's warranty which cover it against all the manufacturing defects, but it has limited service centres to avail this warranty in India. So make sure you check that as well.

BLAKOLE Luxury Atom Full Body Auto-Scan Zero Gravity Massage Chair | Best Massage Chairs for Home in India
  • It’s a Full Body Airbag and Roller Massage Chair with AI Technology. It has 12 Point Roller and 20 sets of Airbags and the intensity of both the rollers and the airbags can be adjusted.

  • You can have comfortable massaging experience targeting all areas such as Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back, Seat, Calf and Foot with this Massaging Chair.

  • This Massage Chair is made from the Ultra Luxury PU leather which feels wonderful aesthetically and is Comfort too. This PU Leather is also of really high quality and durable at the same time. Additionally the wheels let you move the Chair easily without Lifting.

  • It also comes with Zero Gravity Mode that to gives you an experience of almost being in a Space Capsule as you body feels released due to the weightlessness making you relaxed and relieving the body pain in minutes.

  • To give you more ease this massage chair comes with more features such as 20 Auto Programmed Massages settings with manual massage settings for massaging from head to toe, it also has feature of heating on lumbar and the Calf areas and it uses Kneading & Pushing Massage on the foot with roller speed that can be adjusted as per comfort.

  • Additionally it comes with Touch Remote Control for ease and quick access, it has an adjustable Time Settings from 15 to 30 Minutes and it has also got a USB Charging option a with a dual Bluetooth speaker for listening to music.

  • Additionally it comes with 18 Months of manufacturer's warranty which cover it against all the manufacturing defects.

Conclusion: Best Massage Chairs for Home in India: 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

Hope now you will be able to choose among the Best Massage Chairs for Home in India which can effectively helps you in relieving your body stress and rejuvenate your tired body muscles and which comes within your budget too.

These Massage Chairs vibrations basically help in delivering an effective massaging experience to get relief from stress and muscle tension by massaging the body.

So while choosing a Massage Chair for your Home just be careful about its Power Consumption, Size, Pressure Intensity Modes and Heat Variation features, Types and Style of Massaging Action, Parts of Body that can be covered for massaging, Safety Features & ease of usage and whether or not it comes with brand warranty.

Don’t just go in for the looks and aesthetics but also its functionality and warranty features. A good brand's Electric Massage Chair will definitely makes it easier for you to rejuvenate your tired body effectively next time when you use it.

Look well for the above-mentioned features and points in your Massage Chair for Home and Office, so you can go for one which fits your budget and requirements.

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