Mi Smart Bulb: Reviews & Unboxing

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Mi Smart Bulb

Xiaomi - Mi Smart LED Bulb Sale Starts on Amazon-Flipkart, Has 16 Lakh Colors

Mi Smart Bulb
Mi Smart Bulb

Mi Smart Bulb

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi launched its Mi Smart Bulb in India in April this year with Redmi Y3.  Mi's smart bulb was still being sold under the crowdfunding program, but now it can also be purchased from e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Mi Smart Bulb will get support from both virtual assistant Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  This smart bulb of Xiaomi has 1.6 million colors and its life is 11 years.  The smart Mi bulb bulb can be controlled through the Mi Home app.  The price of Mi LED Smart Bulb is Rs 1,299, which is Rs 300 more than the price of crowdfunding.

Mi Smart LED Bulb

Mi Smart Bulb Features

The capacity of this bulb is 10 watts. With this bulb you have to buy a holder separately, which costs around 200 rupees. Talking about the setup of the bulb, it will be controlled through the Mi Home app, although for this bulb you will need Wi-Fi and electricity.

Mi Smart Bulb

You can change the color of the bulb only through the app and also be able to it turn on and off.  In this bulb you can also set after how long the color of the bulb will change.  You can also control this bulb with your voice.

Mi Smart LED Bulb

B22 Socket

B22 socket is the most important thing that is definitely needed to be kept in mind while buying the Mi smart bulb, as with this bulb you have to buy a holder separately, which is going to be costs you around 200 rupees.

Mi Smart bulb

Basically the initial connecting configuration of Mi smart bulb is E27 (screw type) which is not generally used in Indian houses, so in order to use these Mi Smart bulbs in your normal electric sockets which are of B22 type configuration (pin type). You need to purchase a B22 type adapter socket which will let you directly connect your Mi smart bulb via B22 socket to your normal electric bulb socket.

Mi Smart Bulb Socket

Now might be thinking by now that you bought the Mi smart bulb now from from Amazon or Flipkart but now where to buy this B22 adapter socket. No need to worry about buying these sockets also these are also available on Amazon or Flipkart. If you want to buy these you can simply go here.

Mi Smart Bulb Highlights

  • You need to enable the location access on your smart phone for seamless pairing with the Mi Smart Bulb.
  • Mi Smart Bulb is empowered with 16 million colors.
  • The Mi Smart Bulb can operates up to 11 years long.
  • Mi Smart Bulb is enabled to use with mobile app control, and it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant easily.
  • The Mi Smart Bulb has a power rating of 10 Watt and brightness of 800 lumens.
  • The Mi Smart Bulb comes with an option to adjust color temperatures ranging from 1700 K to 6500 K.
  • Mi Smart Bulb has an E27 Base connection (B22 socket is not included in the package).
  • The Mi Smart Bulb does not require any bridge, it works with existing 2.4 GHz router configuration.

Mi Smart Bulb Specifications

Product information

Technical Details of Mi Smart Bulb:

Color White
Item Height 12 Centimeters
Item Width 5.5 Centimeters
Item Weight 172 g
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 x 12 cm
Item model number MJDP02YL
Wireless Type 802.11 bgn
Wattage 10 Watts
Hardware Platform Android, iOS
Average Battery Life (in hours) 25000 Hours
Included Components 1 bulb, 1 User Manual

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