Honor Band 5i: Review & Prices in India

Now keep a track of all your health and fitness related activities in Real Time, with this all new and innovatively designed Honor Band 5i launched now on sale,

Honor Band 5i Review, Watch Faces, Prices in India

Honor Band 5i launch Banner

HONOR launched a fitness band called HONOR Band 5i which is not only good in design but is also stylish and innovative in terms of display and features.

Now keep a track of all your health and fitness related activities in Real Time, with this all new and innovatively designed HONOR BAND 5i launched now on sale,

HONOR's latest HONOR Band 5i is a gives a tough competition to Mi Band 4? Let's see:

Honor Band 5i launched

The new HONOR fitness band is not only good in design but is also stylish and innovative in terms of display and features.

The trend of wearing fitness bands has increased in recent years, especially youth are getting more attracted towards this. On 14 January, HONOR launched its fitness band called HONOR Band 5i, which is stylish and innovative not only in terms of design, but also in terms of display and features. Since its launch, this fitness band has gained a place in the hearts of the youth. Let us know how this fitness band gives a head on competition to Mi Band 4?


It has been seen that youngsters like a type of fitness band, whose design is quite attractive. The design of HONOR Band 5i is quite fresh. Looking at its design, you will feel that this fitness band must be on your wrist. Its watch-style strap looks beautiful on the wrist, and also fits perfectly. The strap of the HONOR Band 5i is made of silicone rubber. This band 5i is lighter in weight which will comfortably fit your wrist. The weight of this smart band is about 15 grams and it is also 5 ATM (50 meters) water resistant.

Honor Band 5i charging

The Display

The thing that impresses HONOR Band 5i the most is its colorful display. Its new and color touch display sets it apart from the rest of the fitness bands. Seeing its beautiful display, you will feel like buying it. The HONOR Band 5i has a 2.4 cm (0.96 inches) display with a HD resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. It's a full touch screen band which means you can control it with your finger. Its colored touch screen displays color code text and the call icons for fast and easy communication, which will give you an unique experience.

Honor Band 5i Display

HONOR Band 5i has been launched with many new features. It mainly includes features such as TruSeen and TruSleep. The TruSeen feature monitors the heart rate 24 x 7 and alerts you when it goes above or below the normal level. It comes with a heart rate monitor technology. The TruSleep feature can be used to track 6 types of sleep properly and you can also get suggestions for better sleep. This will improve your sleep quality. It identifies your daily sleep habits and also suggests about 200 personalized assessments. In this way, you can keep yourself fit with the help of these two technologies.

SpO2 is another unique feature that is not found in the bands available in the market, but it is going to be available in this band. SpO2 tells you the oxygen level in your blood. This feature is of great importance for those who are fitness freaks or who pay a lot of attention to their health.


In today's time, keeping yourself fit is the most important thing. This not only keeps you healthy, but also improves your personality. This smart watch works as an advanced running planner to track high level fitness and also gives you suggestions as per the requirement. This band comes with many interesting features which includes, heart rate monitor, workout time, distance, stride frequency, speed, calories and aerobics tracker, which it tracks with complete accuracy and intelligence and also provides you the accurate results with data. Apart from this, its other fitness modes include outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, rowing machine, elliptical trainer and free training.

Honor Band 5i Features

Watch faces

We have the option to change the strap to give a new look to this fitness band. These straps are available in different colors, the HONOR Band also allows you to change the watch faces. This means that you can give a fresh look to your fitness band by applying your favorite watch faces for different locations like home, office and gym as per your moods.

Honor Band 5i Technical Specifications and Features:

  • It comes with up to 06 days standby battery life which makes it a powerful smart watch capable of lasting up to 06 days on a single charge.
  • It also provides the real time notifications with its built in activity and sports tracking features, you can track daily activities and sports including indoor and outdoor running, walking and cycling, swimming and much more.
  • This Smart Watch is integrated with a 0.96 inches (2.43 cm) TFT Touch Large color screen with adjustable screen brightness options, dynamic and vivid display, home button control, and much more.
  • The Honor Smart Band is equipped with many unique features to monitor your health and fitness which includes, TruSeen, TrueSleep and many different modes like Cycling, Swimming, Intelligent Sleep Monitor, Running, Outdoor & Indoor Run, Walking, Indoor & Outdoor Cycling & Training for various types of exercises have been given in this band.
  • Other advanced features like Stopwatch & timer, Calendar, Social Apps, Smart Assistant & Phone Reminders, Find Your Phone, Alarm reminder (including smart & event alarms); Caller ID, SMS, e-mail, Weather Reports, Remote Camera, have also been integrated in this band. Through these advanced features, you would not only be able to find your phone but also it enables you to take the pictures directly.
  • In the new Honor band, users will now be able to accept, reject or mute the incoming calls in the smartphone from the smart band itself. It comes with Scientific Sleep Monitoring feature called TruSleep which allows you to keep a track of sleep status recognition and also collection & analyzing of the sleep data.
  • It also has an unique feature called SpO2 Monitor which comes integrated in this band which tracks and monitors oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream so that you can easily see and assess that how your body is adapting to the workouts sessions and at high altitudes.
  • This Band and fitness tracker comes with a  water resistance technology by which you can also use this band while you go for a swim and it works even up to a depth of 50 meters.
  • In addition, the band also comes with the Truseen heart rate monitor technology, which allows 24-hour accurate real-time heart rate monitoring and warnings and also monitors your heart rate at even night time.
  • The Honor Band 5i comes with a 1 year of manufacturer warranty covering against all the manufacturing defects.

Wrapping Up:

So, these were the highlights of this smart band which has been recently launched by Honor. This is a perfect activity tracker and stylish smart band in this price range which will give you all the fitness and health related details in real time. Also, you can check the other articles on latest smart gadgets-

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