Amazon Echo Auto Alexa launched Book Now

Your car will now become smarter by Alexa, Amazon Echo Auto launched. Check detailed Features & Specs here.

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa launched Book Yours Now

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa

Amazon's Echo series next Alexa device launched, make your car more smart now by connecting it to your car.

Your car will now become more smarter, Amazon Echo Auto launched

The e-commerce website Amazon has launched its latest smart voice controlled Echo series Alexa device. It is specially designed for use in cars. It has 8 microphones and far-field technology with the help of this technique you can also control this device in the loud noises of traffic. Through this smart car device, users will now be able to add the power of voice controlled Alexa in their car.

You can turn on your favorite music by giving voice commands to the Alexa. You can also do things like calling and messaging. Apart from this, it is equipped with many other features such as set reminders on the go, listen to your favorite audio books, news updates and more. The 8 microphones and speech recognition technology integrated in this device are especially designed with keeping in mind the in-car aesthetics . Alexa can also hear your voice in loud music, AC and loud traffic sounds.

This smart voice controlled car device is  powered by your car's 12 Volts charging socket or USB port. It connects with your car's audio system via 3.5 mm aux cable or by using Bluetooth for audio playback. Apart from this, it also connects with the Alexa app in your smart phone. Amazon knows that Indian customers want to take Alexa with them everywhere now. So, it provided them with an easy way to take Alexa with them now even to their cars.

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa

More Ease of Driving by Alexa

In this case, it can be used easily by connecting it with the car's audio system. Now you won't have to look at your phone's screen again and again to navigate the driving directions while driving the car.

No Compromise with Privacy

Privacy has been taken special care of while designing this smart car device. As the users can record their own voice and upload it in Alexa's privacy settings. With the help of which, no one else will be able to give vice command to your device through Alexa. In addition, the ON-OFF mic button can be used which increases the convenience to the next level.

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa

Amazon Echo Auto Alexa Technical Specifications and Features:

  • It is built with keeping in your mind your privacy, so you can just press the mic OFF button to disconnect the microphone whenever you want.
  • It can easily be equipped in your car with the help of the 12 Volts charging socket or USB port and connects to your car's audio system through a 3.5 mm aux cable or a Bluetooth connection.
  • This smart device comes with Mediatek MT7697 Processor, Intel Dual DSP with Inference Engine.
  • You can control this device through the Alexa app by your voice to stream from  JioSaavn, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, or Gaana music, simply just ask Alexa for a song, artist, or genre.
  • This is designed exclusively for in car usage. With the integrated 8 microphones and far-field technology, Amazon Alexa can hear your voice over  the music audio, A/C, or road's noise pollution.
  • Also the built in Alexa gives you the power of voice control. Simply use your voice commands to make calls, add to your to do-list, play music, check news, and much more.
  • Amazon Echo Auto Alexa comes with a 1 year of manufacturer warranty covering against all the manufacturing defects.

Amazon has said that the users of this device would also be able to control smart home appliances with it as well. Along with this, things like setting reminders, creating a to-do list can also be done easily through it. The users will also be able to create a shopping list and manage the calendar with an ease.

So, these were the highlights of this Smart in-car device which I hope is now cleared to you. Also, you can check the other latest and cool in-car smart gadgets such as such as Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger and Air Compressor Tyre Inflator as well as other articles on latest and smart gadgets this year: 

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