Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door: Review

Your home & office will now become more safe with this all new smart fingerprint lock, key less entry to your space is not a dream now.

Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door

Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door

Key-less Entry Now for you by this Smart Fingerprint Lock for Doors, Gates and Shutters. Digitally Advanced Bio-metric Lock which can save up to 20 Fingerprints for your convenience. With a powerful 2 months of battery life and IP65 weatherproof to protect it and make it safe for any weather. Even with brand Warranty.

Your home | office | shops | will now become more smarter and safe with this all new smart fingerprint lock, Key-less Entry to your space is not a dream now.

Now you can easily make time for the things you love the most, no more fumbling for keys required to get to your personal spaces. As, Latch Pro has introduced an amazingly intuitive and Smart Fingerprint padlock which unlocks at your subtle touch, in less than a second time. Anyone can use this smart lock as a Pro as it is simpler than opening a lock with keys. It work like your smart phone's fingerprint sensor. You can even latch it to the Storerooms, Sheds, Doors, Gates, Shutters, and any space that you want to protect. 

Now its the time to say good bye to the conventional cumbersome password combination locks, you can now unlock your this device with your fingerprint in just a second. This padlock has the ability to save up to 20 fingerprints for more convenience which makes it easier for you to share your lock’s access with 20 other trusted family members, relatives, loved ones or the ones whom you want to give an access to this lock. This smart lock comes with a powerful and long life battery which can work up to 2 months easily on a complete single charge. This lock can be easily charged is via USB cable that can be plugged into your Power banks, laptops, mobile chargers, etc. which also eliminates the hassle of replacing new batteries every time they dies.

Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door

You can rely on these locks for privacy as these locks are designed for offering a consistent performance under any weather conditions. It is a water-proof (IP65 certified), dust and rust proof locking device. It is so tough and stable that it can even withstand 24 by 7 outdoor use as per your requirements without any problems. Latch Pro comes in 4 unique color variants to suit your likes. Also, it has 2 variants as well i.e. Latch Mini and Latch Pro which are basically two sizes which you can choose as per you need. It's the time to make changes in your lifestyle by these smart devices with beginning of the new smart era and protect your loved ones smartly. This is an ideal choice for family member, friends and small teams without the hassle of creating duplicate keys for each and everyone separately.

Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door

Smart Fingerprint Lock Technical Specifications and Features:

  • It comes with a powerful and durable 3.7 Volts and 0.55 Watts-hour rechargeable Lithium polymer battery which allows you to enjoy a long battery life of 2 months on 2 hours of a complete single charge. This lock also comes with an indicator which reminds you to recharge when the battery is low which can be charged via USB cable which also eliminates the hassle of replacing new batteries.
  • It is a new, intuitive, powerful smart lock that is revolutionized with advanced technology that opens at the touch of your finger like your phone's lock. It is designed with durable materials (Aluminium alloy and Hardened steel) and it is IP65 weatherproof due to which it works seamlessly in all weather conditions.
  • This smart device comes with an integrated fingerprint sensor which reads and opens the lock within a second. The outer case of this lock is made using non-slippery weather-resistant silicone material with a coating of appealing color which makes it more attractive.
  • You can control this device to protect any place, space, and case you have from your Main Gate to your Storerooms, and much more. It can be used to lock your Shutters/Storerooms, Doors, Sheds, Channel Gates, Small and Medium Shops
  • This is designed exclusively very smartly for you and the people who you trust as it will remember your unique fingerprint along with 19 of your other trusted person's fingerprints simultaneously.
    • This Smart Fingerprint Lock for Door comes with a 1 year of manufacturer warranty covering against all the manufacturing defects.

    So, these were the highlights of this Smart Door locking device which I hope is now cleared to you all. Also, you can check the other latest and cool gadgets launched in the previous year such as Mi Smart Band 4 and other articles on latest and smart gadgets this year- 

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