Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in India 2024

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in India. Why to use an Alkaline Water Pitcher? We generally thought that the water that we are using at our homes is pure.

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in India: 2024

Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in India: Feb 2020

Buying an alkaline water pitcher is a good decision for pretty much any person. Even if your faucet water doesn’t ​have significant quality problems, still having the alkaline water pitcher combined with an effective filter can exotically increase both the healthiness of your family, as well as their ​enthusiasm for taking water. These types of pitchers will efficiently make the water taste better, by eliminating any unpleasant odors from it, making it more drinkable and better for your health as well.

As you might be knowing that more than 60% of our body is occupied with water. Most of the food that we consumes are acidic.
Hence, experts suggests about the advantages of drinking the alkaline water which helps to neutralize and balance the pH of our body.

However, alkaline water machines are often considered as a luxury item.

But not Anymore!

Today, we will going to tell you that how to get the alkaline water that you need easily in your budget without spending much by reviewing for you the the top 5 best alkaline water filter pitchers which you can buy easily online from Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay or Wallmart.

The alkaline water filter pitchers and water ionizers, however, has a lot of important characteristics which needs to be kept in mind and compared with the other water pitchers of the same type. The quality of the materials, size, the overall design, the grip, as well as most importantly how effective its filters are.

To make your research a little bit easier we have done the extensive research on alkaline water pitchers and came up with the below compiled review and features of the top 5 best alkaline water pitchers that you could choose ti buy from. You should give them a look and maybe you shall find your alkaline water pitcher that suits you. But, before that some of you might be wondering about the why to use alkaline water pitchers so lets clear your doubt first on these water pitchers.

Why to use an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

We generally thought that the water that we are using at our homes is pure, clean, potable and drinkable. Well is it true.? The answer is Not really clean.

This is can be due to many reasons one which is, some water treatment plants use way too much chemicals for purifying water that along with the kilometers of long and old pipes (may be rusted as well) which can cause contamination of the water that you drink.

Health benefits of using alkaline water filters or pitchers.

Reduces lead

With an alkaline  water source to drink, less water density is achieved with the complete elimination of the lead content which gets accumulated in treated water.

Eliminates the chlorine content

Chlorine consumption is harmful and it may cause kidney & liver diseases.

Without plastic

Reduction of risk of diseases due to no contact of the water with the harmful plastic.

How to choose the best jar with the water filter?

There are few points that you should consider before buying the an alkaline water pitcher.

The Design

It is not just about the aesthetics, and looks but the use and functionality.


If you choose a pitcher that is cheap, it is likely that it may only removes chlorine and odor only. While a more trending model may dispose of many other contaminants like agricultural, heavy metals, microbiological, & pharmaceutical residues as well.


The durability and the value of the investment in filters replacement. So, you can go for a brand which offers a batch of bulk filters with the product as the filters needs to replaced frequently.


The capacity of the pitcher plays a critical role, you must know that the capacity which best suits your needs. Knowing this you can easily buy the right size for yourself.

How Alkaline Water Pitchers works?

Other than removing the contaminants that an average water filter do. The alkaline water pitchers also works to raise the pH of your filtered water by up to 2 levels more. This process is done by passing the normal tap water through the filter to raise its alkaline level.
Moreover, some of these pitchers may even use the R.O. technology to remove the heavy metals as well. There are several brands which provides the best alkaline water filter pitchers such as ehm alkaline water pitcher, kent alkaline water filter pitcher 3.5-litres and much more among which you can easily choose from.

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