Best All in one Wifi Printer Review & Prices India

Your Home and Work places will now become more economical with this all new All in one printer at less than 4000 INR. Canon Pixma Printer.

Canon Pixma Printer Review & Prices in India

Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Wfi Color Printer

The latest technology in the printer world is ink tanks. Ink tank printers are priced much cheaper per page print than cartridges printers. This is the reason that why last year only the new models of ink tank printers were launched in the market. You will hardly find any cartridge printers that have been launched recently in the online market. At the same time, ink tanks which are currently being sold in large quantities older models.

Your Home and Work places will now become more economical with this all new All in one printer at less than 4000 INR | Rs. 1.3 (per page) B/w print | Rs. 3.5 (per page) Color print.

If your budget for a new printer is less than 4000 Rupees, and you want a feature loaded printer which also yields the print per page price at very low prices then today you will find the same printer in this article. This printer works on ink efficient technology which similar to the ink tank technique of printing due to which you can easily get your black & white as well as color prints at very cheap per page rate. 

All-in-One Color Printer under 4000 Rupees

A complete set of this cartridge for this printer will cost around 1200 INR which consists of both B/W & Color Cartridges (PG-47: Black & CL-57: Color) while if you only want the B/W cartridges then it will coat you around 600 INR (PG-47: Black). You will have to buy a new cartridge set in a month or two, so that cost of cartridges is as much important as the cost of your printer because the printers which are available online under 2000 INR have their cartridges costs about 1500-2000 INR as well so don't just buy a printer in a hurry just by looking at their prices but also make sure you check their cartridges prices as well. 

Let's assume that you will print less, and that's why the cartridge set that comes with the new printer machine will run for three months. A new cartridge set will have to be taken after three months. So in three months, your expenditure on the printer is about 6000 INR (new printer costs 2000 INR (3 months cartridge you get with printer) + new cartridge after every three months for one year at 2000 x 3 (9 months) = 6000 INR making it a total of 2000 + 6000  = 8000 INR for the year. If you get an ink efficient printer like I told you, then you can use your printer for printing the same number of pages for 2 years at the same cost.

Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Printers with cartridges have a duty cycle. Nearly all cartridges printers available for less than Rs 5000 have a duty cycle of 150 to 300 prints every month. If you print more pages per month than this, the life of the printer gets shorter with the usage. In ink tank and ink efficient printers, on the contrary, the brands says that you need to take at least 300 prints per month. Over 300, you can take as many prints as much prints as you want. Isn't it amazing ...!!

The Pixma E477 is the latest Canon brand printer in the market at a price of less than Rs 4000. This printer is an All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer which means that it can print as well as scan and copy. The capacity of its cartridge makes it suitable, to take around 300 prints every month. You can also take as much prints as you want. Thus this printer is basically an all rounder for you home or workplace needs as well as for low to high usage as well. Talking about connectivity, it has connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB, Google Cloud Print and much more. It costs Rs 1.3 to print a black and white page while around Rs 3.5 for a color page print. It comes with brand manufacturing warranty as well.

So, now we can say that this ink efficient printer is effectively designed to give you an affordable wireless printing experience every time you use it, with a print speed of (A4 size): up to 4.0 ipm (images per minute) color and around  8.0 ipm (images per minute) mono or B/W (ISO), this is an ideal printer for home and small offices, where the printing requirements lies between 150-350 prints per month.

Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Canon Pixma Printer Technical Specifications and Features:
  • It comes with a powerful and durable printing technology which makes it ideal for use at Homes and Work Places, with a regular monthly usage of about 150-350 pages per month.
  • It is a new, intuitive, powerful printer that is revolutionized with advanced  Ink Efficient type printing technology which helps in obtaining the more pages in less cost. This printer can print - Images per minute - 8 ipm (B/w), 4 ipm (Colored) which cost per page around Rs 1.3 (B/W) and Rs 3.5 (Color).
  • This printer is an All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer which means that it can print as well as scan and copy. You can also take as much prints as you want in both B/w as well as color print options. The Compatible Ink Cartridges are - PG-47 (Black) and CL-57 (Color), Page Yield - 400 pages (B/W), 300 pages (Colored). Also the Optional cartridge -CL57s which prints about 180 pages (color).
  • This printer comes with supported Page sizes such as- 4.0" x 6.0" till A4, Letter, Legal and with printing options like Duplex Print (printing on both sides of paper simultaneously in one go) by manual options and a print resolution of about 4800 x 600 pixels which is great. Optical resolution is a measure of maximum hardware sampling resolution and print quality, based on ISO 14473 standard.
  • You can connect this device via various connectivity options such as, Wi-Fi, USB, Pixma Printing solutions and Google cloud print. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2 versions. So make sure you have one of these before buying it or you can call customer care to confirm your OS compatibility.
  • This Canon All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer comes with a 1 year of manufacturer warranty covering against all the manufacturing defects.
So, these were the highlights of this All in one printer. This is the best economical printer launched by Canon in this price range which will give you prints at very reasonable rates i.e. less than 1.5 INR per B/W page which is very economical for home and office usage. Also, you can check the other articles on latest smart gadgets-

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