Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters in India

Havells Room Heaters Reviews: Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters in India are the best selling room heaters in India which you can think to buy among.

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters in India

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

Winters in India can be extremely cold and in some cities even last for more than 4 months. Having a room heater will not only make the winters go easy on you but also allow you to be more comfortable on those cold and rainy winter nights. Buying a portable or easy to carry winter heater has many advantages as heaters do have a very long shelf life and provide a lot of comforts.

Now the room heaters come in various types and sizes, fan heaters, electric heaters, halogen heaters, and heat convectors to name a few.

Just as the Christmas fever kicks in, and people are ready to shop till they drop, online shopping has emerged as a boon to all shopaholics the sale prices are difficult to resist as they are very low compared to other sales around the year. Christmas and New Year's Eve brings along with it the option to pamper your own self and also buy gifts for your loved ones and friends.

What all products go under sale on Christmas and New Year's Eve?

As the name suggests, Christmas and New Year Eve's sale includes all those items that are in some or the other way related to technology or brought with the use of technologies such as online applications or websites of the brands, or from big e-commerce portals like Amazon. 

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

Let's see what are the ideal features of a good room heater. You can also read the in depth Room Heater Buying Guide Here.

  • Power Capacity

A good heater must be powerful enough to keep the room warm for hours, chilly weather may lead you to wear multiple layers of blanket and clothes but a powerful heater will make the room warm enough to balance the cold. A powerful heater may also be large in size and consume more watts, so look for the one that fits according to the room size and heating capacity.

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

  • Temperature Settings 

A good room heater must have adjustable heating settings, like how you can set the temperature according to your choice, like in the evening the temperature outside won't be as cold as in the night but you should definitely not be needing different heaters to solve the purpose.

  • Safety grills

If you have a child at home, or the room size is too small, or just in case to be extra safe, always go for a room heater that has the safety grill feature, his way you can ensure that you are not at risk of the heater falling or causing damage or you getting hurt by going too close to the heater.

  • Rotating axle 

Many room heaters have the rotating feature so they can rotate and heat the entire room, this way you save yourself from direct heat and also can heat the entire room in a short period.

  • Auto cut or Power Cut feature

Many modern room heaters have the power cut feature so once the room reaches the adequate temperature its auto cuts the power to the heater to prevent the room from overheating and wasting electricity thereby raising electricity bills.

  • Radiant Capacity

When going for an electric heater, do check the light capacity of the heater, and if not it's too bright when at maximum power. A bright heater can disturb your sleep and also consume more power than normal heaters.

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

Personalizing your home with the product range to purchase such room heaters can vary a lot, but always look for a heater with a good warranty scheme. Always go for a heater that is budget friendly and also has three to four years of usability. Make sure that you compare the market prices of the product and also the customer reviews of the heater you are going to buy.

Many top Room Heater Brands to buy heaters from are Orpat, Usha, Orient Electric, Bajaj, Amazon brand, Maharaja Whiteline, Singer, and many more. These are many of the tried and tested Indian brands that offer quality heaters both in terms of power and use. 

You can also read Article on how to determine and calculate the Room Heater Size for your room!

So make sure you go for a product that has all these features and is also not too heavy on the pocket. So here we bought for you the "Best selling Havells Room heater Amazon Reviews". Read further to know Havells Room Heater prices in India.

Havells Room Heaters Reviews | Best Oil Filled Room Heaters  in India

1. Havells OFR - 13Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black) | Best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters in India

Havells OFR - 13Fin 2900-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black) | Best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters
  • Having a fan heater can be a poon to pass these chilly winters. Havells convection heater is loaded with many heating features that you won't need to look for another heater for the next few years.
  • With a 2900 hundred watt hour power, it also has heat sensing and auto cut features so that you save electricity even while the heater is on. Made with the latest technology this Havells Heater is very safe and easy to use and maintain, be it in your living room, dining area, balcony, home, or office as well.
  • Currently available at a discounted rate on amazon only on winter sale. It also has heater plus fan power settings. So you can adjust the device to your heating requirements and change to a higher power when the weather gets too cold and chilly.
  • Made in one of the most excellent designs this heater gives an elite and classy look to your bedroom or office space and will not look odd at all.
  • The heater has three different power settings that are 1000/1500/2000 watts and additional 400 watts for the fan and heater. It also comes along with support wheels to make the heater more portable and accessible wherever you want it to be.
  • The black and gold color combination makes the heater look even better and unique. So if you are looking for a modern room heater you should definitely go for the Havells OFR- Fan Heater and make all the coming winters more cozy and comfortable.

            2. Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 W – White and Gold | Havells Room Heaters Reviews

            Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 W – White and Gold | Best Havells Room Heaters Reviews in India
              • Looking for an under budget, feature-loaded room or office heater but confused about all the available brands and models. Where Havells Calido Ptc Fan Heater is here to your rescue.
              • Uniquely designed and colored in attractive white this heater is very cost-efficient and portable. A heater that is not heavy on your pocket but actually worth more in benefits than what you pay for.
              • This heater comes in two power settings of 1300 watt and 2000 watt respectively so that you can adjust the power requirements according to the changing weather in winters.
              • The special PTC technology has a feature of ceramic heating so you know that the heater is safe, efficient, and cost-effective at all times.
              • This heater also has the feature of multidirectional heating so you can heat up the entire room rather than just one part of your room.
              • It also has an auto cut safety feature in case the heater falls or tumbles down by mistake. With this havells creation, you can be assured of the quality and safety of the product.
              • Havells Calido also comes along with a one-year warranty so in case the unit breaks down you can easily get the product repaired free of cost.
              • Currently, this amazing, lightweight and attractive heater is available at very attractive cashback offers and discount as well. A durable built and long-lasting electrical unit this heater can be easily used wherever you want the heating to happen. So without any further delay get our hands on this amazing convection heater by Havells.

              3. Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater | Best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters in India

              Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater | Best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters
              • The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater comes with a PTC ceramic heating element which provides a quicker, safe and energy efficient heating. Further, the oscillation function which you gets in this room heater helps in delivering heating effect in multiple directions.
              • The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater is designed in a manner that if the PTC room heater falls accidentally then it will be switched off automatically. The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater is integrated with a dust filter which stops the dust particles entering the room heater and the filter can also be cleaned from time to time.
              • The plastic body of Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater remains cool during its operation. The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater is an upgraded version of Havells calido room heater with more power and heating capacity.
              • The Ideal Room Size for Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater varies from - 150 to 300 sq-feet.
              • The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater comes with a Power Rating of - 2900 Watts
              • The Orientaion in which Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater can be used - Vertical.
              • The heat settings at which Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater can be operated - 1000 Watts, 1500 Watts and 2500 Watts
              • The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater has a weight of about - 17.0 kg
              • The Havells OFR - 11 Fin Room Heater comes with a brand Warranty of - 1 Year

              So, these were the Havells Room Heaters Reviews in India including the best Havells Oil Filled Room Heaters in India which you can buy among as per your room requirements. These all will provide you a very comfortable experience in this upcoming winter season along with the brand warranty assurance so that you don't need to worry about the quality of these room heaters. Their salient features and attractive uses makes them an ideal choice out of all the room heaters or blower heaters available in the market.

              Also, all these room heaters are available online at Amazon at very attractive discounts. So you can easily purchase them sitting at your home or office at your own convenience. I hope this article would clear all your doubts in choosing a good suitable room heater for you in this winter season. Also, check the posts:

              Today this trend has gained more popularity than ever before. To make yourself ready for this sale day you need to prepare a list of all your favourite items that you want to buy online. From Room Heaters to Water Heaters everything that can be delivered to your home has a chance of going under the Winter Christmas and New Years Sale. All you need to do is a lookout in advance for your favourite deals and grab them online when they are live.

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