Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger

Wireless car phone charger with Automatic mounting feature, auto clamping, fast charging & compatible with wireless charging phones.

Smart Automatic Holder Wireless Car Phone Charger

Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger

Smart Wireless Car Charger with Automatic holding and Mounting Feature, Auto-Clamping, Fast Charging, in Car Air Vent charger, Compatible with almost all wireless charging smartphones. 

Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger

Wireless car charger mount holder has been launched recently and will on sale in the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Sale. This device combines a fast wireless car charger along with an in-car phone holder. Smartphones have now become a basic need of each one of us and it is not possible to keep it sufficiently charged every time when you have to leave for somewhere. So, this smart in-car accessory will now fulfill your requirements of charging your phone, while on the go, wirelessly and smartly. Whenever your smart phone is running out of battery while you’re driving on the way, this wireless car charger is an effective solution to meet your smart phone's urgent charging need now. As you can easily observe by seeing it that, it is different from the traditional car chargers which you may have seen. In this charger you can just simply place your phone on the charging deck and it will start charging on the go.

This wireless charger is integrated with a built in motor and sensitive infrared sensor which automatically works on its own. Your smart phone would be clamped and mounted automatically by the arms as soon as it touches the bracket. Also, the clamps provided in this charger would keep fastening the mobile for 0.5 seconds more so that the clamps could hold it firmly and provide more protection without the risk of losing down your smart phone.The electric motor drive and the enormous amount of anti-slip silicone which is used in this smart charger helps in protecting your smartphone to stay firmly on the holder once clamped, even in the case of sudden braking or acceleration, and on the bumpy roads as well.

Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger

Smart Automatic Wireless Car Phone Charger Technical Specifications and Features:

  • This charger comes with built in infrared sensor and an electric motor drive, which provides the sufficient clamping force to automatically grips your smartphone within the thickened anti-slip silicone pad base which strengthens the buffer and holds your smartphone firmly even on rough roads.
  • This smart phone car charger comes with a one hand operation feature. So when you move the phone closed to the infrared sensor area, the clamps of the mount will automatically open so that you can easily place your phone on the charging deck.
  • To remove your smart phone from the charger then you only need to touch the sensor which is embedded on the rear side of this charger and one simple tap will release your phone. By using this charger you can enjoy the effortless wireless charging with more convenience, and thus minimizing the any risks while driving on road.
  • The Smart car wireless charger works with all Qi - enabled phone. 7.5 Watts iPhone fast charging for iPhone Xs Max / Xs / XR / X / 8 / 8 plus; 10 Watts Android fast charging for Samsung S10+/ S10e/ S10/ S9+/ S9/ S8/ S8+/ S7+/ S7/ S6/ S6+/ S6 edge/ Note 8/ Note 9 & later; 5 Watts standard charging for others.
  • This car charger is designed with built in latest smart chip configuration. Also, the car phone mount wireless charger provides over-voltage, over current, overheat, and short circuit protection to ensure charging safety. If something goes abnormal with this device, then it will automatically stop charging.
  • One more unique feature of this charger is that now you won't need to remove your phone case within 8 mm thickness except metal and magnetic phone cases while directly charge them.

So, these were the highlights of this Smart Wireless Phone Charger with Automatic holder which I hope is now cleared to you all. Also, you can check the other latest and cool in-car smart gadgets such as such as Amazon Echo Auto Alexa and Air Compressor Tyre Inflator as well as other articles on latest and smart gadgets: 

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