How to download Youtube videos free in mobile/pc

A simple and quick guide on How to download YouTube video for free directly in mobile smart phones or your laptop, read the complete process in detail.

How to download YouTube videos free in your Mobile or Laptop

How to download Youtube videos

How to download YouTube video directly in mobile smart phones or your laptop, in this article you will read the complete process in detail.
YouTube is the most used website and app in the world for video viewing. YouTube is also widely used by Internet consumers in India. YouTube is the most used website and app in the world for video viewing. YouTube is also widely used by Internet consumers in India. Today, telecom companies and broadband service providers are offering unlimited data, so there is no obligation for the consumer to watch any video in real time. YouTube videos can also be downloaded and viewed offline later, and for this you do not need any additional website or app as there is an option to download videos in YouTube but currently this option is available on YouTube app only.

But the videos downloaded in the YouTube app only remains in your app as long as you have a 29-day Internet connection. However, you can watch YouTube videos for 48 hours at a time without internet connection. You must connect your device to the Internet after 48 hours to update. This happens because the app checks whether the video is available for viewing or if there is no change in its availability policy. but if you want to these videos permanently for your own only and you want to download them permanently on your mobile or computer for free then today here we are telling you about the whole way to download YouTube videos. But please keep in mind that these videos are not intended for other uses in anyway or sharing anywhere, you can just download and use them for your information only.

So, here are some quick steps which you can follow to download any YouTube video very easily and your video will start downloading in seconds:
  • Open any video that you want to download from YouTube to your mobile or computer.
  • Then, simply copy the URL link of that video.

  • Paste it in a new tab in your mobile or computer browser and press enter when the video starts playing,. Again go to the URL bar and add "ss" two 's' before the "youtube" i.e. in between the www or m extension in your mobile smartphone or desktop respectively. For e.g. www.ssyoutube.... or m.ssyoutube....
  • A new save from net extension opens in your browser with the same video now you just need to select the download resolution or video quality from the list of available resolutions such as 360 p or 720 p or above.
  • Now simply click the download button and your video will start downloading in no time.

In this way you can easily download any YouTube video directly to your mobile or laptop for free. But please don't violate any YouTube policy by sharing or uploading it else where. I hope it is now clear to you that How to Download YouTube Videos for Free in mobile or PC. These were some of the steps that you can follow to successfully Download a video from YouTube on your Mobile or Computer for Free or both. This is the best technique to download a video from YouTube for Free. I tried to explain you the entire process in the simplest possible manner. Now if you are successfully able to do it then you can just comment thanks but if you still have any queries then, you can ask your doubts by commenting on the post or contact us page of our website and we will be happy to help you every time. Also, here are two more interesting articles on How to Disable Copy and Paste Option in Blogger to save you content from getting copied which you can go through and How to Create Contact Us Form in Blogger which you can also go through.

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